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Surfacing once more

Now that the Northern Hemisphere has slipped into autumn I’ve got some time to start posting again. Since being on last a house has been painted, students have been tutored and countless gallons of preserves and jams have been canned. My upcoming viva looms- which feels strange after having that stage of the process be pushed back so many times. Viva prep and job applications have resulted in a lot of writing about myself which I have always found an awkward process. I’d much rather go on about medieval longhouses or human osteology but as I won’t get to teach without teaching philosophy and diversity statement in hand, writing about myself is what I’ll do.

During the course of long term identity research one becomes used to the external pressures of environment and the effects this can have on what we do per annum. For instance, the older traditions such as fruit gathering and major building maintenance are tied to the longer summer days when the weather is good. What strikes me now that I have been back in California for a year is the length of this productive season. Although I grew up in the agricultural center of this state and certainly participated in the agriculture which is present it took living abroad above thirty-five degrees north latitude and studying farther north still to understand that actively.

The next post will probably be regarding Leifr Eirikssonr in relation to a lecture I’ll be giving at the local Anthropology Club for Leif Eriksson Day.


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