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May, where did you go?

Its been busy days lately- some good and some bad. But mostly busy, in spite of the fact that this is the beginning of the tutoring slow season. At one of my jobs- the one I describe as being the receptionist for the 7th circle of Hell- I’ve just completed a filing miracle involving 40 years of poorly managed data. At another I’m writing short course material for to illustrate how to write social science papers. Now that its spring in California I’ve begun canning in earnest again as I sell jams and other things as a sideline business. Once summer comes with its full oven intensity I begin foraging for free fruit as several things- including blackberries- come into season. Its something both timeless and rushed at once as I try to pick and begin the processing the same day. I should probably write more on that, but not today folks. You see today I actually have something to talk about.

I just accepted my first book deal for an adaptation of my doctoral thesis. It should hit shelves sometimes 2015. As soon as I’ve got confirmation that my publisher has received the contract I’ll pass along the title and all that. I get to keep my illustrations in, which I’m glad for as it makes less sense without them. Also my translations of Graenlendinga and Erikssaga rauda, which was the subject of much debate between my department and I for the course of my PhD. I’m stoked- this is what I’ve wanted to do since I first picked up Wilson’s Viking Art from the library as a kid. This will also help keep me in the medievalist loop better than I can at the moment (something I find increasingly vexing- its the distance and the multitude of jobs).

Be prepared for a historical anthropology of the medieval settlement of the North Atlantic where viking material is illustrated and the construction of medieval identity itself is discussed. I’m editing in relation to the change of audience at the moment, which never takes me long.