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August Update



The summer days run together as a contracting Jill-of-all-trades. There’s been a flurry of job applications, conference abstracts, and international correspondence in and around my paid work. Thanks to all of the efforts, however, there has been some movement forward once more.

August 21st I’ll be participating in the Northern Studies Virtual Conference being organized by the University of Highlands ond Islands. I’ll be taking part via video conference and will have my Twitter account up – @DayannaKnight – should any one wish to pose questions concerning my talk on Islandscapes in the North. Here’s the conference website link if you’re interested. 


One of my abstracts has also been accepted by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies for their annual conference February 2015. I’m pretty excited about this one as I’ll be discussing medieval trade in relation to North Atlantic identity. Here’s the link for it if you’re interested in this.


Hopefully my other abstracts are as well received as I’d really like to finally be able to present and attend at Kalamazoo. Its complicated and more than a little painful as to why I have as of yet not been able to go.

In other news my editing is moving forward and for the most part I’m pleased. That says a lot as I’m by far my own worst critic. I’ve heard that the suggested release date in the UK is 10/30/2015- just in time for the holidays. US should be a month or so after that.



westray n stuff 015 westray n stuff 030 westray n stuff 033 

I’m working with Orcadian material at the moment and missing Westray. If you haven’t had the chance go. Its worth it. 


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