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Its a weird, weird world folks

Ever had one of those life situations where you end up just sitting back and wondering how it all came about? I’m in the middle of one at the moment.

Last week my regular morning news program put out a request on Twitter for photos of their small pets. As I have three lovely and very opinionated guinea pigs I sent in a photo of each of them with their names. On Hippolyta’s post I mentioned that they do tricks. And so it began because when I woke the next morning I had multiple emails and tweets in my inbox regarding how cute Hippie looked with her little bow. Not only are the ladies considered adorable but Good Day wants to meet them and see their tricks.

Now I’m prepping to be on television [I’m pretty certain I haven’t been before]. Its a little odd to be doing this for the piggies rather than for my impending book [to be released later next year with Pen and Sword Books] or for a conference- anything not medieval really. But a way in is a way in right? Even if your guinea pig is the one that opens the door for you?

Let’s hope the local viewers like the combination of the girls’ tricks, my medieval work and Jerry’s ukuleles.


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