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Guinea Pigs! TV! All sorts of STUFF!!!



WARNING! This post is convoluted and random because I am still laughing about it all.

So this morning I had Mark S. Allen from Good Day Sacramento in my living room to meet my guinea pigs. Really. He’s very nice in person and I highly recommend having him come visit your small pets. As a note though when I originally contacted the station I never said they danced- just did tricks.

Here are the links for 2 of the 3 spots [please work links!]:



Many thanks to Roxie’s Hair Things for supplying the bows that make the girls look good. She can be found on Facebook at


Finally for today I’ve attached a copy of the letter I just sent to the guinea pig rescue, Avalon, Jerry and I found Hippie at. It came out better than I thought it would.

To whom it may concern,

This is probably going to seem very odd for you but in February of 2012 my husband Jerry and I came to Avalon to find a friend for Robin [we called her Knuckles], the beautiful brown long-hair we adopted from you after you received a huge amount of guineas from a breeders and had advertized in the Nottingham Post looking for adoptors. The pig we got that day was small, dark brown [since gone golden agouti] coat with a partial white stripe. She was bound and determined to go home with us- she crawled up my husband’s jacket sleeve just to make certain. She had no name, healing scabs on her ears and a cough left over from a nasty chest infection. She loved our other pig, both loved being free range and when Jerry and I returned to the US the girls flew back to California as well.

We named her Hippolyta, Hippie for short. She’s since lost her friend Knuckles unfortunately but we found another for her immediately to take her mind off of things. Since then she has raised Boudicca and Kaliyuga [both American short hairs] as well as a rescued lion-headed rabbit. She’s helped me through the last stages of my doctorate. She’s never gained full size but rules the house [and I mean all of us] with a tiny furry fist.

This little madam was just on our local news station here in California. I mentioned Avalon Rescue during one of the clips and just thought you might like to know. I’ve posted both clips to my timeline and have made them public so if you want to use them please feel free.

Thank you for putting in the effort for Hippie. No one else in the area would have. From all of the hits my fb feed is getting people around here really seem to love her. She certainly knows how to captivate people around her. I knew it, but seeing evidence is proof positive of the reason why people should adopt all types of pets from rescues.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Dayanna Knight
Hippolyta’s human friend


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