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Conyer Chapel, Sockburn, Darlington, Yorkshire



Now for my nod to post-modernism.

Several of my hogback photos posted were taken as part of a project undertaken during my MA year at the University of Nottingham. I’ve previously posted the actual paper submitted with the associated documentation up on here. These are shots taken that were not necessarily included. They somewhat serve as an example of the jumble of time that can occur on any type of archaeological site, let alone one in a remote portion of North Yorkshire. There are some lovely pieces of medieval sculpture within this chapel as well as some unique funerary brasses dedicated to family servants. What I have posted up is the sculpture mostly- the funerary brass pics are mostly text.

The Chapel entrance, as taken from the former nave of the larger church.


The Tyr hogback I was documenting was located immediately inside the entrance. Beg pardon folks for my kit being in the middle of this- it was originally just taken as a reference shot.


There was not only Cumbrian hogbacks as well as the earlier illustrated hogback but also several Insular cross shafts and later 15th century architectural details.


This shot was taken farthest from the entrance. There was some order to the layout of these pieces. According to the English Heritage archaeologist whom I contacted about visiting the site at the time there had been a long period of bringing the medieval sculptures out during large parties. These pieces were less likely to be utilized in this secondary purpose.IMG_1639

These pieces were nearest the entrance and were opposite of the illustrative hogback I had arrived to document.IMG_1638

One of the funerary brasses is visible in this shot. Just ignore the thermos- like I mentioned this was originally just a reference shot for the final paper.


Here is a better view of Conyer Chapel’s effigy knight.




    • DKnight says:

      Yep- just had a discussion about it with Carolyn yesterday too. I’d suspected there was something on site when I worked there in 2007 and had discussed about it with the English Heritage rep at the time. That was one of the reasons I was so frustrated about being stuck in California and not being able to participate in LMF. I have a whole stack of data I had collected during my MA and wanted to contribute but couldn’t.
      I can bring some of it to Kalamazoo, or ACMRS, if you’re going? The illustrated hogback sketches made a good poster.

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