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This Sunday

So a bit of a plug for something completely different.

Following the TV debut of Hippie, Boudi and Kali, my husband Jerry has been able to arrange air time to promote his band Crooked Bird. If you like bluegrass/ roots Americana-type music with strong harmonies please check them out. You can find them on Facebook under Crooked Bird where they have a few songs posted. The group is also on Twitter as @CrookedBirdBand. There is a website in the works but its still under construction at the time of writing this.

If you would like to catch the live feed the guys will be on KMAX Channel 31 sometime between 8:30-9:15am PST. I’ve tried to attach the live feed link here:


It would be nice to drive Jerry’s traffic up some folks. He dropped his music career along with everything else we had in the US when I got the opportunity to go to graduate school in the UK. Now that we’re back he’s been working very hard to get it back together again. I’m really proud of him but since I’m naturally more of an introvert unless Vikings are being discussed this is a good chance for me to get the word out a bit.

In case you were wondering, yes we’re a touch eclectic what with his ukuleles, my medieval work and our tea drinking guinea pigs.



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