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Good Day Sacramento- a tale of this weekend

Have you ever had one of those crazy weekends? Not end-up-lost-in-the-Nevada-desert style crazy but just a period of time where you stop and laugh at the spontaneity of it all. That was this weekend at least in part.

It began with some of my previous hogback research being discovered on Twitter [hence why more was posted on Conyer Chapel in case you were wondering]. Concurrent to that, however, were preparations for my husband’s band, Crooked Bird, appearance on our local CBS affiliate morning show Good Day Sacramento.

This morning [Sunday] at dark o’clock the band and I [as photographer] set off for the studio in Sacramento. Here are the guys arriving in the parking lot. We had to be there early to get set up and mic checks done.


I have to say everyone was really really nice. I’ve watched this particular morning show since it started on a pretty regular basis, even while I was living abroad. Here the guys are in the green room warming up. No couches were harmed in the taking of that photograph.


I have to take a brief tangent in the narrative here because the green room’s bathroom had one of the funniest posters ever. Here it is. Pardon my inclusion of it but I laughed my butt off about that this morning.


Once the guys got set up on the studio stage they warmed up with their rendition of Dolly Parton’s Jolene And the rest of the show the band had several songs, a couple of commercial break bumps and the like.


This was during the first spot.


This was during the “Soft Kitty Challenge”. Shortly before this Chef Evan gave us all some REALLY good prime rib. I’ve seen his dishes on the show for a long time and always thought that they looked really yummy. I was not disappointed other than by wanting more. If the guys play at his restaurant I am so getting the prime rib.


Here I made the guys stop a second and take a nice shot. I’d like to thank Dale as well for not swinging the boom camera until after I was done.


Here are the guys with the morning anchors at the end of the show.


Here is the first full song spot from this morning.

Here is the third- the second song, Jolene, wasn’t posted in full.

Finally if you want to see the Soft Kitty Challenge results here is the link for that.

Now I’m for a pot of tea with the little madam that got this ball rolling in the first place.



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