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Happy Belated Leif Eiriksson Day!

Happy Belated Leif Eriksson Day fearless Reader! Let’s have a moment in honor of history being remembered once more.

And another for the indigenous Dorset and Thule Inuit who became skraeling only after they began to accept what was considered to be poor exchanges from Norse traders for their expensive furs. Their history is just as important but is only now beginning to be seen in more complete conjunction with the incoming medieval Norse population.

On Tuesday evening I was finally able to see the Vikings Live at the British Museum presentation at the up-market movie theater in Stockton. This was a part of a nationwide showing arranged in a similar fashion to the original UK showing. I warn you now, Reader, this will be a long post as I’ve got all sorts of ideas bouncing around the ol’ brain pan at the moment. Its been split into two for clarity’s sake.

Overall this was well produced- as to be expected from the high standard British documentaries are known for. I’ll certainly be purchasing a copy once I am working more regularly again. It was fantastic to be able to go to a local venue and see many of the objects and people I’d travelled to Europe for after graduating from UC Berkeley. I do have one small critique- the artifact close-ups were at times blurry on that large of a screen. That may have been the projection equipment itself as I suspect this was filmed in digital HD. It probably won’t be a problem on a smaller screen.

For those who began to study Vikings after the famous British Museum exhibition curated by David Wilson in the 1980s this will remind you of why you wanted to learn more about the medieval North in the first place. It was very good to see some of the newer finds such as the Vale of York horde as I hadn’t yet seen them when I had to return to the US. I’m intrigued to read the accompanying exhibition guide and hope to place it next to my well-loved copy of Vikings! The North Atlantic Saga.

Leif Eriksson. Reykjavik, Iceland.


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