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Manuscript Submission

I must apologize, Reader, the past few months have been very busy. As a grader November is full of biological anthropology essays and primate observation reports. Its always a few weeks of long days but its decent work at least. Normally I just grade and occasionally tutor in November- this year that changed. I set up an online presence and concerted design push for the new Lodi Theater Company and their charity production of A Christmas Carol Radio Hour. The show went brilliantly and will be available online for listening on Stone Soup Radio. I’m not a performer personally as I only brave the anxiety derived from an introvert doing public speaking for Vikings. I do have a lot of creative and talented friends, though, that have more time to express themselves if I help them to be more organized.

The other major project that has been occupying my time has been the editing for my first book. I finished it a few days ago- the hardcopy is on its way to Pen and Sword Books now. It feels decidedly odd to not have ulcer-inducing-end-of-graduate-school-editing worries. Don’t get me wrong- book editing causes stress too, but my Isle of Misfit Toys never directly experienced what graduate school did in my case. Anyways, Viking Nations: The Development of Medieval North Atlantic Identities is off and won’t be back until its time for indexing.
And now I get caught up on holiday preparations. I prefer to make things where I can- added social nostalgic value and all. Instead of my desk and coffee table being covered by editing papers they are now covered in baked goods and candies. My furry children keep wandering around the house with their noses in the air.

Now that the major projects are completed for the immediate future I’m hoping to be more regular posting.


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