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Viking Fest- Shields and Hnefatafl recap

Last week was a busy one, faithful Reader. One of my art pieces, Never out of time with Brubeck, was a finalist in Downtown Stockton Alliance’s “Music of Dave Brubeck Inspires My Imagination” competition held in the lead up to this year’s Brubeck Jazz Festival. My design is currently printed on two banners installed in downtown Stockton. Here is one of them.

Never Out of Time with Brubeck installed

I went to the DSA offices on the 23rd to formally introduce the work. Here I am just after doing this, one in from the left. What can I say- other than hats I enjoy a good waistcoat.

DSA Brubeck presentation shot

If you love the jazz of Dave Brubeck or this work the original is for sale, message me if you are interested. The major event, however, was the second of my Viking-themed events held at Lodi Public Library on the 27th. I’ve been planning this for quite some time- since the first lecture in July. This was a family friendly event with something for all ages. Small children painted and decorated cardboard shields with motifs I had drawn from rune stones.


There was a coloring station where people colored the mask I had designed or filled in the life-sized rune stone. ome colored in the activity book I created. While paint dried and after the shields were complete children collected balloon swords, Viking attack poodles, swans and mice from my good friend Billy DeHerrera, who armed a whole troop of would-be combatants. Swords aside the mice were the best as it was a good time to discuss how mice are used archaeologically amongst the North Atlantic settlements.


Before the party started…


The hnefatafl tournament went over very well. Kids and adults played against one another at the new-to-them game. There are some real strategists in Lodi- several fantastic games were played out on 9×9 square boards.

It was great to see folks and to share my love of the early medieval world. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Many thanks goes out to the LaunchPad of Lodi for providing prizes for the tournament and for helping to present. Thank you to Lodi Public Library for allowing me the opportunity to hold this event. Thank you to the 80-some odd people who turned up ready for a Viking party, particularly those who aren’t from Lodi and had to drive a bit. Special thanks goes out to Billy DeHerrera for being amazing with balloon sculpture. Finally a big thank you goes out to my husband, Jerry, for helping make hnefatafl pieces and making certain the tournament ran as smoothly as possible. Watch this space, this won’t be the last Viking-themed event I hold in California.