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2015 Wrap Up

Many apologies for the hiatus in posting, Reader, but it has been a very busy past several months. Needless to say I hope this post finds everyone well with fun plans for the new year.

The major reason for the lack of time is because of gainful employment substituting K-12 classes locally. It’s pretty tiring for someone as socially introverted as I am, particularly at first. But I am both taller than the kids and powerful attached to eating so it works out.

Immediately after Thanksgiving I indexed and cross-referenced my book Viking Nations for its release next year. Now I’m beginning to plot out its US launch party. The holidays have been pretty quiet thus far. I found out I’m to take part in the Icelandic Special Session at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies annual conference in February. I hope to see lots of people there enjoying the Scottsdale warmth.

Finally, a bit of a request, Reader, if you don’t mind. As some of you know one of the many hats I wear is that of archaeological illustrator. What many of you don’t know is I have pitched an accurate coloring book showing scenes of everyday life, artifacts, plants and animals in Viking Age Scandinavia with the raiding and fighting not being the only subject matter portrayed. This first pitch was made to a company that ultimately was not comfortable moving into coloring books. That is all right- what they do they do well. In spite of the setback I am continuing to move forward on the idea where I can as the general feedback and comments on samples are both favourable and strong. Since I am not as of yet affiliated with a department’s coffers I am hoping to start a Kickstarter campaign and work on finding grants I am eligible for to help in my efforts to find a publisher willing and the necessary supplies to complete the project. In case you haven’t seen any of the samples previously I’ve included watermarked copies at the end of this post. I’ll be posting a link to this campaign once I have finished setting it up. Here is my request: please help get the word out.


More to come soon.



  1. If you make a Viking coloring book I’m sure tons of people will want one!

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