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Fully Funded!

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If you hadn’t heard yet, faithful Reader, my Kickstarter campaign not only met its goal but actually doubled it. I wasn’t quite certain before this that people other than me wanted to have a more historically accurate coloring option for the early Medieval period but trust me folks I understand that now. In light of that, and some other information in general to get out, this will be a bit of a ramble-y post.

Business first. I held a giveaway linked to the Coloring Book campaign over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that ended a few days ago. I used a random number generator and have two people selected from those who entered- from Facebook Teresa Allbaugh, and from Instagram @thegypsyviking . I’ll be posting the announcement on all platforms shortly.

I recently attended and presented at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies annual conference. I have to admit folks, with a book on the way and a successful medieval themed coloring book campaign this was one of the funnest weekends I’ve had in a while. As always the papers and company were top-notch. There is nothing quite as fun as hanging out with a group of people who understand your textual and cultural references without explanation.

The Viking Coloring Book campaign has been successful thanks to a lot of people. So much so I’m more than a bit humbled, and proud, that everyone has been so supportive about a coloring idea related to the Vikings. I’ve been able to network with people I never thought I would have the chance to in relation to my research. Viking and medieval studies is a lovely diverse tapestry of people from literally all over the planet and I’m very glad to be the artistic hands for it for a time. To those who helped to spread the word about the campaign by liking and/or sharing posts on all platforms: Thank you. To my backers: Thank you doesn’t even cover it. You’ve made it possible for me to do the work I like to do the best in the world for a time. To those 3 backers who donated at the $500 level- you’ve given me the great gift of support and well more than I ever thought I would get at that.

The Viking Coloring Book has seen media coverage- Good Day Sacramento- but saw lots more coverage from social media. Medievalists.net helped in no small amount in this and once the article went out #medievaltwitter responded far and wide by liking, retweeting and offering help where possible. A part of what I discuss in my first book, and my doctoral thesis, is how North Atlantic medieval trading groups pooled and negotiated their resources to act on the more international stage. To have such a similar experience, albeit mediated by modern social media… the whole concept can rob one of words. Thank you all. You’ve been amazing- true examples of how supportive our field can be at its best.

Humor me in a brief story, Reader. I promise it won’t be too long. You may wonder why I respond so. Let me go back to the beginning. Several of my earliest degrees came from a community college. I stand in a small minority as a cc graduate that not only completed a Bachelor’s but kept going to move abroad for international postgraduate degrees that allowed me the opportunity to work with some of the most respected in my field at the University of Nottingham. And now I’m going to make a Viking themed coloring book. And it will be my second book. All this too, Reader, can rob one of words.

As if this weren’t enough excitement I received notification my first book, Viking Nations, is now available through my publisher, Pen and Sword. Here is the link. Getting that email just before leaving to substitute teach all day was rather difficult. The kids enjoyed hearing about it though.


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