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Where did March go?

Beg pardon for being quiet, faithful Reader, but I have been very busy with moving forward on the Viking Coloring Book. And a bit of adulting, to be fair, as I am still employed as a substitute teacher and still have bills to pay. Lots to update though so I’d best get to it.

My first book, Viking Nations, is now available in the UK. If you’re in the US and would like a copy of the text it is available directly through Pen & Sword here. It feels a bit surreal after grad school. I’ll probably write more on that in the future, but let that suffice for now. Viking Nations will be available in the US in May. I finally received my author’s copies- all that work looks really good in hardcover.


Me and the book!

My successful Kickstarter campaign has provided the equipment I needed pretty desperately. Oh the joys of a large bed scanner/printer when you work on paper larger than letter! I’m finishing the last of the goods to necessary make my first rewards mailing this weekend. The last time my apartment was this full of Viking related items was just before I held the hnefatafl tournament and shield decoration day last September.  Many thanks to my friends who have been helping me find the best deals for my equipment- it means a lot. Even more thanks to you folks for believing in the Viking Coloring Book project. I keep trying to write an appropriate thank you letter and not having it come out right. I mean, how do you thank an entire field who came together behind your idea? I mean I study people who came together in the past- Vikings in particular. I find it endlessly fascinating. To study it properly I moved across half the planet for years. Most people don’t necessarily feel that way though. But this- the grandness of getting to produce a coloring book aside- the coming together behind an idea to further knowledge makes this Berkeley alum pretty proud to be a medievalist. Cheers folks.

In other news, one of my designs has also been released as the logo for the 2016 Viking World Conference at the University of Nottingham. I’m excited as not only is it going to be a great conference but I’m also do to present as well on my research into medieval identity in the North Atlantic. I haven’t had the opportunity to go back to Nottingham since having to return to the US and it will be very good to see everyone. More on that in the future as I’m still in the planning stages on the trip. I wonder if any of my UK friends would be willing to give me couch space in exchange for archaeological illustration?


If you’re interested the link for the conference itself that is here.


For the rest of the weekend though, I’ve got some work to do. Social media too- I apologize if you end up in the cross-fire on that.