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Summer! Finally!

May was a roller-coaster of life extremes, faithful Reader, and through it all I was cramming all of the substitute hours I could in as I don’t get work from that particular role again until August. This week is the last of that, thankfully, so I can fully devote my efforts to the other projects I have.


I have been prepping for an upcoming conference- Viking World– hosted by the university I attended for graduate school, the University of Nottingham. Overall I’m very excited about this prospect- I’ll get the chance to see a lot of people in my field I haven’t had the chance to see since I left the UK in 2012. In many ways, though, this is going to be outside of my comfort zone. I may end up discussing that further in a later post- we’ll see. Thanks to the Centre for the Studies of the Viking Age I’m getting the opportunity to display both books and art as well as formally present my research. Because of this there has been a flurry of planning, printing and organization. I am hoping to provide a synopsis of what is presented here. I’m also hoping to live tweet as well on Twitter.

desk pic

I’ve also been discussing a book event more local to northern California. Currently the book store would like this to be August or September. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than as late as that, but we’ll see. I can be pretty persuasive sometimes.

Finally, and pardon for the cross-posting but I’m really excited to tell everyone about my friends’ project.¬†As I know many of you are interested in Viking-related education I thought I’d take the time to tell you about a very cool digital archive for all things Viking- the World Tree Project based at University College Cork in Ireland. They could use some help, my friends, as they have only recently gone live online and this is the type of project that everyone can help to make better no matter what part of the world they are in. The World Tree Project wants to see YOUR Viking-related finds, local businesses, photos of your Viking re-enactments, and the teaching tools you’ve found or made to help spread knowledge about the Vikings and their world. This is a great opportunity to interact with an ever-growing body of material. Explore the digital archive that is the World Tree Project and get involved if you haven’t already.