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First US Book Signing

Another busy weekend Reader- October is off with a bang! The first, as regular followers of this blog already know, I held my first book signing at Barnes and Noble Stockton [many thanks for the opportunity!]. I’ve talked previously about the media spot for this here. Once again the morning show of the local CBS/CW affiliate station Good Day Sacramento stepped in to help spread the word about my publishing efforts. Many thanks to Cody Stark- at least a few copies this weekend sold specifically because folks had heard about me on the show and that has been possible in no small part because of him. If you haven’t yet seen the spot it is available here.

Book signing set up- 1022016.jpg

The event itself was pretty fun- lots of friends and family [some of whom I haven’t seen in ages], members of the public who were interested in Vikings, random folks in the bookstore. The questions were great. I hope you all enjoy Viking Nations and, of course, if you have more questions just ask! Question the world of the past you think you know- its fun, trust me. My mom and sister brought me candy. I’m currently rationing that so I don’t try inking pages while completely jacked up on sugar.


Saturday evening my husband and I hung out with old friends who showed up for my signing. That was also lots of fun.

Sunday I was still very tired as planning and executing a book signing when you are a one pony show may be fun but its pretty taxing. It was also the Lodi Street Fair which was full of more crowds than I wanted to talk to. I did make out with a handful of high end vintage drafting equipment in good nick and an art box containing a lovely set of used watercolors I can clean up. All stuff I actually use so it was worth crowd swimming for.

Now, though, I’m within a month of submission on the Viking Coloring Book. Keep updated for work in real time at:





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