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The Viking Coloring Book Is SUBMITTED!

After a hectic past few weeks I’ve uploaded all of the illustration plates and labels to the Dropbox I’ve set up to share things with the Viking Coloring Book publisher. Hooray! Here is part of the reward for my $100 and $500 level backers. I’m at that pins and needles stage while I wait to see if the publisher likes everything as is.

Backer Rok Stone Spread.jpg

Saturday I presented a poster at the California Library Association conference in Sacramento. Lots of folks took business cards and more than a few asked about the Viking themed public events I organize.

That evening my husband’s band, Washboard Monkeys, held their album release party at Whisky Barrel Stockton. It was a very good show. If you’ve ever wondered if I draw anything other than nature and the Viking world the album art for this first album and their logo can serve as an example as both are also my work.

The rest of the weekend has been recovering and spending time with our fur-posse of guinea pigs. Now my apartment is almost back to normal after such big projects. Well, as normal as an apartment with a medievalist, a musician and a herd of tea drinking guinea pigs can be, anyways.


Don’t forget if you are looking for Viking themed art to give as presents this year to check out my Etsy page and my Redbubble page for a whole variety of things. If you’d rather have a pet portrait or house illustration please message me. There is still plenty of production time before the end of the year.


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