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ACMRS 2017 Preparations

Currently I’m getting my materials ready for the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Annual Conference. I’m really excited for that for a couple of reasons. ACMRS is publishing the Viking Coloring Book as an Occasional Paper. This is the first time since making an announcement about that at Viking World 2016 in Nottingham this past summer that I’ll be with other medievalists in person as well as the first medievalist event since I submitted the VCB illustrations. I even get to bring the Pop-up Gallery with me to display in the book room. I’ve made coloring page context handouts for my talk so I don’t flounder trying to give too much information at once. Friends I made at Viking World 2016 have beta-tested the handouts with good results. For once I am sitting less than a week out from a talk and don’t need antacids [they’re packed though, just in case]. I’m finishing my PowerPoint slides today. For the first time since graduate school I’ll be chairing a session. Now if I can just beat this blasted head cold before the road trip south to Scottsdale I’ll be set.

In March is the UC Berkeley Graduate Symposium. I’m not speaking this year but I am hoping work will not call me in so I can attend. April the First Public Archaeology Twitter Conference occurs online, as I’ve posted about previously. In May I’ll be speaking about the Viking Coloring Book Project at Kalamazoo [International Medievalist Congress]. All exciting stuff! Time to finish the last details.


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