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ICMS 2017 Wrap up

Last week I returned from the 52nd International Congress of Medieval Studies hosted by Western Michigan University. This was a longer trip than originally planned. In the end it was cheaper to take Amtrak to Kalamazoo, Michigan, than to fly. And it was pretty epic. As it turns out it is a 50 hour trip from Sacramento to Chicago with Michigan not long afterwards. I took the California Zephyr route which goes through the mid states of the continental US. If you follow my Instagram or FB page you have probably already seen some of the shots and videos.

The conference went very well- I’ve gone over that a bit in the most recent update on Kickstarter. If you are interested in reading about that you can check that out here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since I’ve been back I’ve had the chance to share the Viking Coloring Book with a few of my regular classes and they are all very excited.

Both books promo shot

I’ll be uploading more photos and trip inspired art in the near future as school breaks for the summer. Check my FB page here and my Instagram here. I’m also starting to go through my stack of business cards acquired at Kalamazoo. Bear with me if you are waiting to hear a reply- I’m not quite the master of my own schedule for another few weeks.


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