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On TV again!

Its been a very very busy weekend for this archaeological illustrator. Saturday I attended a Sons of Norway event in Salida promoting my first book, Viking Nations, and the Viking Coloring Book Project. Later that night my other half’s band, Washboard Monkeys, had a gig so it was a late evening.

Sunday morning I was on Good Day promoting my first US book signing next Saturday the first of October from 1-4pm at the Barnes and Noble in Stockton. This was my second time on the show as they previously had me on while the Viking Coloring Book Kickstarter campaign was still live. Here is a link to the clip.

Me on Good Day 2nd time.jpg

This week I am prepping for the book signing and working on the Viking Coloring Book. I still need to figure out a few words to say and shine my conference shoes up.



September- 2 months to go!

Two months before the completed Viking Coloring Book heads to the printing facilities at ACMRS. Less than two months. Its going well- more than 200 motifs illustrating artifacts, landscapes, the flora and the fauna relating to the Viking world have been inked and scanned. More than 50 of the planned pages are plotted of the intended 75 and that is a pretty cool feeling.


Some of the coloring book motifs on the desk.

I’ve been arranging event appearances for myself recently. Here’s the current schedule:

9/24/2016 Viking Snack Fest hosted by Sons of Norway at Salida Public Library. I’ll have a table of books and art for this event.
10/1/2016 Viking Nations signing at Barnes and Noble Weberstown in Stockton.
11/5/2016 Speaking during a poster session at the California Librarian’s Association conference in Sacramento where I’ll talk about being a specialist doing public events at libraries.
5/2017 Member of a CARA panel on being a medievalist outside of academia during the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo. Yes I’m discussing the coloring book project and will have handouts. Bring your Crayolas.

It is gets too much more I’ll need to set up Calendar pages on my social media stuff… exciting times though!

I’m headed back to the desk to get more finished on my ode to the visual beauty of the early medieval Scandinavian world. Then more admin in case I get called in to substitute teach tomorrow. I’m actually updating my Redbubble page today as well [as I’ve been neglecting uploading things regularly with all the coloring book work I’ve been producing].

Progress on coloring book motifs can be found on my Instagram feed.