The Viking Coloring Book Pop-up Gallery!

October 21st saw the first Viking Coloring Book Pop-up Gallery as part of Stockton Arts Week. I’m going to post what photos I have and keep this post relatively brief. The manuscript deadline is on the 31st of this month and its also sick-full-time-faculty season so my substitute load has picked up. More in November most certainly.

Set Up


Video of the Gallery is available here.

Display Stills

If you are curious as to how the painting is coming check out the progress on my Instagram feed here.



Upcoming Events

There are quite a few Viking related events I am involved with in the next few weeks aside from finishing up the last of the editing on the Viking Coloring Book.

October 21st- Viking Coloring Book Pop-up Gallery as part of Stockton’s Arts Week. Follow #stocktonartsweek on social media to find out more  events.        

I’ve got 56 pieces of art going with me so do come by to see.


November 5th- California Librarian’s Association Conference poster session about presenting specialty research in public libraries.

November 19th- Viking Festival, a Sons of Norway event in the Sacramento area. Here is a flyer for that.

Once the Viking Coloring Book is off to the presses of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies I will be available for holiday commissions. If you are interested in a scene not already available amongst my print selection on Etsy just message me on one of my social media accounts.

Viking Coloring Book Pop-Up Gallery

Viking Coloring Book Pop-up Gallery sign.jpg

First US Book Signing

Another busy weekend Reader- October is off with a bang! The first, as regular followers of this blog already know, I held my first book signing at Barnes and Noble Stockton [many thanks for the opportunity!]. I’ve talked previously about the media spot for this here. Once again the morning show of the local CBS/CW affiliate station Good Day Sacramento stepped in to help spread the word about my publishing efforts. Many thanks to Cody Stark- at least a few copies this weekend sold specifically because folks had heard about me on the show and that has been possible in no small part because of him. If you haven’t yet seen the spot it is available here.

Book signing set up- 1022016.jpg

The event itself was pretty fun- lots of friends and family [some of whom I haven’t seen in ages], members of the public who were interested in Vikings, random folks in the bookstore. The questions were great. I hope you all enjoy Viking Nations and, of course, if you have more questions just ask! Question the world of the past you think you know- its fun, trust me. My mom and sister brought me candy. I’m currently rationing that so I don’t try inking pages while completely jacked up on sugar.


Saturday evening my husband and I hung out with old friends who showed up for my signing. That was also lots of fun.

Sunday I was still very tired as planning and executing a book signing when you are a one pony show may be fun but its pretty taxing. It was also the Lodi Street Fair which was full of more crowds than I wanted to talk to. I did make out with a handful of high end vintage drafting equipment in good nick and an art box containing a lovely set of used watercolors I can clean up. All stuff I actually use so it was worth crowd swimming for.

Now, though, I’m within a month of submission on the Viking Coloring Book. Keep updated for work in real time at:




On TV again!

Its been a very very busy weekend for this archaeological illustrator. Saturday I attended a Sons of Norway event in Salida promoting my first book, Viking Nations, and the Viking Coloring Book Project. Later that night my other half’s band, Washboard Monkeys, had a gig so it was a late evening.

Sunday morning I was on Good Day promoting my first US book signing next Saturday the first of October from 1-4pm at the Barnes and Noble in Stockton. This was my second time on the show as they previously had me on while the Viking Coloring Book Kickstarter campaign was still live. Here is a link to the clip.

Me on Good Day 2nd time.jpg

This week I am prepping for the book signing and working on the Viking Coloring Book. I still need to figure out a few words to say and shine my conference shoes up.


September- 2 months to go!

Two months before the completed Viking Coloring Book heads to the printing facilities at ACMRS. Less than two months. Its going well- more than 200 motifs illustrating artifacts, landscapes, the flora and the fauna relating to the Viking world have been inked and scanned. More than 50 of the planned pages are plotted of the intended 75 and that is a pretty cool feeling.


Some of the coloring book motifs on the desk.

I’ve been arranging event appearances for myself recently. Here’s the current schedule:

9/24/2016 Viking Snack Fest hosted by Sons of Norway at Salida Public Library. I’ll have a table of books and art for this event.
10/1/2016 Viking Nations signing at Barnes and Noble Weberstown in Stockton.
11/5/2016 Speaking during a poster session at the California Librarian’s Association conference in Sacramento where I’ll talk about being a specialist doing public events at libraries.
5/2017 Member of a CARA panel on being a medievalist outside of academia during the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo. Yes I’m discussing the coloring book project and will have handouts. Bring your Crayolas.

It is gets too much more I’ll need to set up Calendar pages on my social media stuff… exciting times though!

I’m headed back to the desk to get more finished on my ode to the visual beauty of the early medieval Scandinavian world. Then more admin in case I get called in to substitute teach tomorrow. I’m actually updating my Redbubble page today as well [as I’ve been neglecting uploading things regularly with all the coloring book work I’ve been producing].

Progress on coloring book motifs can be found on my Instagram feed.

Viking World 2016 Recap

I’ve just returned from the Viking World Conference at the University of Nottingham. This was a very intensive 6 days of all things Viking and early medieval Scandinavian and was absolutely fantastic. I’d originally intended to do daily posts about this but the cruel hand of argumentative internet logins made it a bit difficult at first. I did fill 2 notebooks with notes about the sessions, though, so I’ll go over that here in a bit.


Trent Building and the University of Nottingham campus lake.

First there are some thank you’s due to those who particularly made the trip possible. Sera and Derek kindly put up with me for the majority of my time in the UK and made certain that everything ran smoothly so I could focus on the conference as much as possible. It means a lot but we discussed that before I left so I’ll save the typing here. My friend Matt [who I met once upon a time at the beginning of his BA course] too provided housing and the rare opportunity to hang out. You guys are awesome. Katie Eaton at Pen and Swords and Rebecca Peck at the University of Nottingham’s School of English made certain things went smoothly for providing books.


Norwich Castle Keep.

So- this conference. Reader, its hard to articulate how much fun I had. Timing wise it was four years not quite to the day that I had left the University of Nottingham, where I attended graduate school. I was approached about a logo some months ago and it was really great to see it all over campus. These were long days and jam-packed with making new friends, hearing the latest research and in general taking the conference concept to its utmost extent. The live tweeting has been put into Storify by Dr Judith Jesch and can be found here. If you would like to see the line up the schedule we were following can be found here. Message me if you would like to see my thoughts/notes on specific presentations.

IMG_4020 [56376]

The logo was all over the campus and in the conference packs!

Day 1     The themes covered during Day 1 ranged from Exploration and Advancement, Life and Death, Language Contacts, to Art and Visual Narratives by the end of the day. All the papers were thought provoking in the way that makes for excellent conversation over a good dinner. It’s exactly what I had been missing since returning to California as I not currently in an academic department. What surprised me the most was everyone’s enthusiasm over my Viking Coloring Book Project. It keeps leading my to fun opportunities.

Day 2     Today’s themes began with Viking Law and Rule, moving into Names and Identities and then my session of Land and Sea before Parents and Poetry and finally Burying the Past. Of particular interest to me was Eldar Heide’s presentation on medieval Norse directional names as it is something closely related to my own identity work. Then came my session. I quite enjoyed hearing Val Dufeu speak about fishing sites in Iceland. I was the other speaker in the session and am admittedly always a ball of nerves when public speaking to those outside of a classroom. I didn’t embarrass myself by being ill though so I’ll count that as a tentative win. I got to end things on a high by FINALLY being able to announce the publisher for the Viking Coloring Book. Check out the details on the campaign page here. Once the session was over I got to focus on the rest of the conference more fully.

Day 3     Day 3 began with sessions on Sagas and Mythology as well as Conversion and Kingship. This was a short presentation day to accommodate an excursion to Lincoln. I stayed in Nottingham to have the chance for a pint of scrumpy cider and to see a friend’s band play as I’d not had the opportunity for 4 years.

IMG_4003 [56374]

My table of books and art.

Day 4     Day 4 session themes began with Cult and Burial, Austrvegr [Eastern Way], Monuments and Memory, Trade Routes of the Viking Age, Carved in Stone, and Disease and Diaspora. Discussions ranged from Cnut to Byzantium and the breadth of medieval culture. These days were long but so incredibly interesting you didn’t realize the length until you fell into bed each night.

Day 5     Day 5 sessions included Contacts and Continuity, Baltic and Beyond, Progression of Resource, and ending with Trade and Traditions. Topics included Runes, onomastic studies, early medieval Poland, and Gotlandic hoards. The day ended with a presentation by Gareth Williams of the British Museum before we broke for our very nice dinner. After that came the conference dance where many of us partied like it was 999.


From the dance.


Day 6     Day 6 session themes ranged from Power and Succession, the Vikings in Ireland and Beyond, Studying the Vikings, ending with Between Myth and Reality. Presentations were strong throughout. The conference ended with well-wishes and general exhaustion/ over-mental stimulation. Picture a small child at the end of their first trip to Disneyland after leaving toddler-hood. Its rather like that.

Many exciting Viking projects are occurring right now. I’ve listed some here in case you are interested.

Blueaxe Reproductions                 Adam can sort out your need for accurate shinies amongst other things. .

IMG_4025 [56378]

The World-Tree Project             My friend Ruarigh, who I met during grad school, is involved in with this fantastic new digital archive. .

Several of us are on Instagram and still using #vikingworld16 to tag our photos if you’d like to see that.

My trip, of course, was longer than just the conference. I had some meeting son campus and other more official business I had to take care of with the University while I was local. I got to drop in and say hello with former co-workers. I headed to Norwich and my good friend Matt on the 5th of July, spending the 6th being a medievalist on tour before heading to the airport and eventually California.

Jetlag hit like a ton of bricks and now here I am getting caught up. More to come on new projects in the near future.