2017-18 academic year

Oy- I do apologize for the huge gap in posting. This school year I have been working at my day job very consistently, which leaves me very tired at the end of the day. I’ve also had some more adult writing to do (no, not naughty adult writing, just the proper academic material I was trained to do in grad school). To help catch everyone up you can find the first newsletters for download here.

ACMRS 2018 table 2

The Pop-up Gallery at ACMRS 2018. Many thanks to the folks at I’m Your Puppet for allowing me to borrow the display stand for the art!

Since posting last I’ve been tinkering with Patreon to support the production of future VCB Project efforts. Its unfortunately not providing enough so I will be running a second Kickstarter in the near future. Don’t worry- I’ll be letting everyone know with some notice before I go live with the new campaign for volume 2 on Norse Mythology. I have to wait until I have the time to support the next campaign’s social admin- the very reason I’d tried Patreon, actually. Its still live, in case you were interested, I just have to be realistic about the amount its helping currently.

Because of that I’ve also been trying out Hootsuite to handle some of my scheduling needs. I’m pretty pleased so far as its helping me to be more effective with how I use my time again. Case in point this post- I have the time to do this again because I made the time to learn how to effectively use Hootsuite for three of my social media platforms. Instagram will take me longer as most of my non-phone pics are higher resolution than this seems to handle. Fun times though as its ultimately resulting in my having more time to work on the next coloring book volume.

Finally, since its Spring Break for my friends at school, I’ve been able to get caught up on the backlog of admin. You can now find the new Spring- Summer catalog here. And I got caught up on my email! Next step is a short research trip back to Berkeley to make use of my favorite library (Foster Anthropology Library, in case you were wondering). Other than that I’m preparing for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas for the joint MAP/RMMRA conference next month.

I’m speaking and running the Pop-up Gallery in the book room so it will be a busy trip 🙂

Hooray for Spring and getting caught up on work backlogs!


The Viking Coloring Book Project Fall 2017 Catalogue

The Viking Coloring Book Project Fall 2017 Catalogue is now available. You can find it here for download.

VCB Catalogue 1

The Busiest of Weeks

This week was the first week of school for the district I substitute for. First day went well. At the end of it I came home to find my second book, The Viking Coloring Book, had been released. Since then I’ve been trying to juggle both work and getting events arranged, so its been a bit hectic. Today I’ve taken the day off from substituting to get caught up.

Here is the link for the coloring book on Amazon. My first book, Viking Nations, is also on there. If you ordered them together you’d qualify for free shipping 🙂

I’ve also just completed a catalogue of the watercolors that are associated with this book. That can be found for download here.

Free August Calendar Download

Summer is winding down for me this week as beginning of the year training starts up with my district. I’m excited as I’ll have a more regular schedule as a substitute [which is AWESOME if you’ve been on call for the past few years]. Some days I’ll still be doing the older routine which is cool too. I find I like getting to travel around to different schools and seeing everyone. The schools I work with are really good at making everyone feel welcome.

Anyways, its my birthday today so I thought I would share this month’s calendar download with you. Here is the link.

I’m still waiting on exact dates release dates for the Viking Coloring Book. Since sending in the final edits I’ve basically obsessively checking my email for more information every few hours [unless I go for a bike ride and leave my tech at home]. This stage of things was a lot less intense with my first book, I must admit. Maybe because it was something I had already gone through with the manuscript in its doctoral thesis incarnation. I do know that this wait will be easier once my day work starts back up and I’ve got more to do than my own admin during the day.

New article available!

Recently I was asked by the kind folks at to talk about my work as an independent medieval scholar. It’s just come out and you can find the link to it here.

ICMS 2017 Wrap up

Last week I returned from the 52nd International Congress of Medieval Studies hosted by Western Michigan University. This was a longer trip than originally planned. In the end it was cheaper to take Amtrak to Kalamazoo, Michigan, than to fly. And it was pretty epic. As it turns out it is a 50 hour trip from Sacramento to Chicago with Michigan not long afterwards. I took the California Zephyr route which goes through the mid states of the continental US. If you follow my Instagram or FB page you have probably already seen some of the shots and videos.

The conference went very well- I’ve gone over that a bit in the most recent update on Kickstarter. If you are interested in reading about that you can check that out here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since I’ve been back I’ve had the chance to share the Viking Coloring Book with a few of my regular classes and they are all very excited.

Both books promo shot

I’ll be uploading more photos and trip inspired art in the near future as school breaks for the summer. Check my FB page here and my Instagram here. I’m also starting to go through my stack of business cards acquired at Kalamazoo. Bear with me if you are waiting to hear a reply- I’m not quite the master of my own schedule for another few weeks.

Kalamazoo Handout

I have mentioned previously how I had a personal goal this year of making all of my conference handouts be coloring pages. As this particular talk is more specifically about the Viking Coloring Book Project I made an information sheet with some details about the whole thing.

Feel free to share the link– I will bring 50 copies with me to Session 404 on Saturday afternoon itself. And colored pencils, because that is how I prepare for a conference these days.

Two more days of work before I get on the train for Michigan. Maybe I’ll bring them some handouts too.