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2017-18 academic year

Oy- I do apologize for the huge gap in posting. This school year I have been working at my day job very consistently, which leaves me very tired at the end of the day. I’ve also had some more adult writing to do (no, not naughty adult writing, just the proper academic material I was trained to do in grad school). To help catch everyone up you can find the first newsletters for download here.

ACMRS 2018 table 2

The Pop-up Gallery at ACMRS 2018. Many thanks to the folks at I’m Your Puppet for allowing me to borrow the display stand for the art!

Since posting last I’ve been tinkering with Patreon to support the production of future VCB Project efforts. Its unfortunately not providing enough so I will be running a second Kickstarter in the near future. Don’t worry- I’ll be letting everyone know with some notice before I go live with the new campaign for volume 2 on Norse Mythology. I have to wait until I have the time to support the next campaign’s social admin- the very reason I’d tried Patreon, actually. Its still live, in case you were interested, I just have to be realistic about the amount its helping currently.

Because of that I’ve also been trying out Hootsuite to handle some of my scheduling needs. I’m pretty pleased so far as its helping me to be more effective with how I use my time again. Case in point this post- I have the time to do this again because I made the time to learn how to effectively use Hootsuite for three of my social media platforms. Instagram will take me longer as most of my non-phone pics are higher resolution than this seems to handle. Fun times though as its ultimately resulting in my having more time to work on the next coloring book volume.

Finally, since its Spring Break for my friends at school, I’ve been able to get caught up on the backlog of admin. You can now find the new Spring- Summer catalog here. And I got caught up on my email! Next step is a short research trip back to Berkeley to make use of my favorite library (Foster Anthropology Library, in case you were wondering). Other than that I’m preparing for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas for the joint MAP/RMMRA conference next month.

I’m speaking and running the Pop-up Gallery in the book room so it will be a busy trip 🙂

Hooray for Spring and getting caught up on work backlogs!


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