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Free August Calendar Download

Summer is winding down for me this week as beginning of the year training starts up with my district. I’m excited as I’ll have a more regular schedule as a substitute [which is AWESOME if you’ve been on call for the past few years]. Some days I’ll still be doing the older routine which is cool too. I find I like getting to travel around to different schools and seeing everyone. The schools I work with are really good at making everyone feel welcome.

Anyways, its my birthday today so I thought I would share this month’s calendar download with you. Here is the link.

I’m still waiting on exact dates release dates for the Viking Coloring Book. Since sending in the final edits I’ve basically obsessively checking my email for more information every few hours [unless I go for a bike ride and leave my tech at home]. This stage of things was a lot less intense with my first book, I must admit. Maybe because it was something I had already gone through with the manuscript in its doctoral thesis incarnation. I do know that this wait will be easier once my day work starts back up and I’ve got more to do than my own admin during the day.

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